About us

We are a company that carries out specialized tasks related to cleaning areas with dangerous objects or explosives of military origin. We have qualified staff, professional equipment and extensive experience acquired during ongoing work. We have all the legally required permission in respect of their operations.

Specialized employees and professional equipment.

The sapper services we provide are based on years of experience. The company employs only professionals who guarantee the safe and reliable performance of every task commissioned to us. We use professional, modern equipment to perform work diagnosis and engineer treatment. Companies with which tools we use are:

  • Fisher ,Garret, Whites, ,Lem-1 within the  range from 0 cm  till 2 meters.
  • Detectors framework  Lorenz within range from 0 cm  till 6 meters.
  • Sets magnetometer systems DGPS data recorders and their subsequent treatment.


  • Forest district Borne Sulinowo (2014r.-2015.) – Work on cleaning of area 1800 ha of forest-taken and destroyed more than 350,000 unexploded bombs and unexploded ordnance.
  • Forest districk Okonek (2014r.-2015.) – Work on cleaning the surface of 1,008 ha of forest-taken and destroyed 26235 unexploded bombs and unexploded ordnance.
  • Forest districk Chocianów (2016). – The work carried out Trzebień Forestry in forest district Chocianow within Wierzbowa-6.73 ha.
  • Forest district Świętoszów (2016). – Forestry Jeziornik an area of 2.30 ha

Our sapper services

  • Complete clearing of the dangerous military objects, unexploded ordnance.
  • Supervision engineer during earthworks and during the development of investment
  • Work sapper with the use of explosives and incendiary agents
  • Develop expertise and opinion sapper
  • Specialist underwater works. Diagnosis and extraction explosive objects of military origin in the aquatic environment.

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